Episode 12.2: Berlin Fashion Week – castings, preparations & runway shows

Welcome to Berlin Fashion Week –  A vibrant and dynamic event where established designers and aspiring talents showcase their collections, attracting fashion enthusiasts from all over Germany. Be part of the world of model castings, fittings, and the exhilarating runway shows, where each model’s fifteen seconds on the stage become a moment of pure fashion […]

Episode 12.1: All about the different Fashion Weeks – from New York to Millan!

From the glitzy runways of New York City to the chic streets of Paris, and the vibrant fashion scene of London, our journey through the world’s most iconic Fashion Weeks brings you an exclusive glimpse into the world of haute couture, trendsetting designers, and the unforgettable experiences of models on the catwalks, culminating in the […]

Episode 11.2: Prêt-à-porter & Haute Couture Fashion

Prêt-à-porter & Haute Couture – In this episode of our podcast, we explore the fascinating world of Prêt-à-porter, also known as Ready-to-Wear fashion, from its historical origins to its prominence in the fashion industry today, alongside a glimpse into the exclusive realm of Haute Couture. Join us as we delve into the runway styles, seasonal […]

Episode 11.1: All you need to know about fashion shows and designers

We are going to unravel the glitz, glamour, and meticulous planning behind a fashion show! Together we will explore the giants of the industry and the staging of the new, from the evolution of clothing to the choreography and organization of the runway, giving you a glimpse into the exciting realm of fashion! Listen for […]

Episode 10: Being an international model, placement & on stay

Everything about modeling internationally! From the top fees in global fashion capitals to the preparation and experiences of models traveling to cities like Paris, Milan, and Seoul, join us to discover the incredible opportunities that await those who aspire to become successful international models. Listen for free! The Model Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer […]