Episode 9.1: Beauty Ideals and how they are changing in the model industry

Beauty Ideals – In this episode of the Modelbook, we explore the fascinating world of beauty ideals, discussing how they have evolved in the fashion and advertising industry. From the classical beauty ideal embodied by popular models like Cara Delevingne to the rising demand for uniqueness and diversity, we delve into the changing landscape of beauty standards. Join us as we examine the role of Size Zero in high fashion and the increasing acceptance of curvy models like Jordyn Woods as positive role models. Plus, stay tuned for some practical beauty tips and tricks that models swear by for maintaining healthy hair and skin in their demanding careers.

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In this episode, we talk about beauty ideals in the fashion and advertising industry. We begin by delving into the perspectives of model agencies, where we discuss the enduring allure of the classical beauty ideal. From the success of iconic models like Cara Delevingne to the emergence of diverse preferences, we reveal that beauty standards are far from fixed and evolve with society’s changing perceptions.

Embracing Uniqueness – The Power of Distinctive Faces

Step behind the scenes as we unveil the allure of uniqueness in the fashion world. We journey through haute couture and the fashion capitals, discovering how agencies and brands seek out distinct faces and characters to make a lasting impact. From influencers turned models to embracing androgynous and eccentric types, we show how the industry embraces diversity and the fascinating stories that unfold.

Challenging Size Zero – The Rise of Curvy Models

As we venture further, we shed light on the role of Size Zero in high fashion and its coexistence with the growing demand for inclusivity. Witness the rise of curvy models like Jordyn Woods, who embody confidence and happiness as powerful brand ambassadors. We prove that the market is evolving, embracing various body types and emphasizing the importance of self-assurance in the modeling industry.

Beauty Tips for Models – Radiate Confidence and Glow

Calling all aspiring models! In this final segment, we provide essential beauty tips to help you shine in your career. From hair care and tired eyes to luscious lips and skincare, we equip you with the secrets to maintaining a radiant glow between castings and photoshoots. Whether you’re a model, a fashion enthusiast, or simply curious about beauty ideals, join us on this enlightening journey as we redefine perceptions of beauty and celebrate its diverse and captivating expressions.