Episode 8.1: The media – building up and maintaining a professional image

In this episode, we delve into the captivating yet perilous world of the “Yellow Press” and the impact it can have on a models’ careers, exploring the allure of TV shows, boulevard media, and casting shows, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining professionalism and guarding one’s reputation to succeed in the high-end fashion industry.

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We’ll explore the essential aspects of building a successful career as a model beyond just honing your skills. You’ll discover that your public image, your reputation, is just as important in the industry. High-end brands seek high-quality models who align perfectly with their ethos, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a pristine image to resonate with their exclusive clientele.

The Perils of Boulevard Media

Delving into the dangerous allure of boulevard media, we’ll expose the tactics of sensational headlines and intimate, private stories that these outlets thrive on. You’ll learn why involvement in certain TV formats or interviews with major tabloids can be detrimental to your career aspirations. High-priced advertising campaigns and commercials demand a thoroughly vetted talent, making negative media exposure a potential roadblock to your success.

Handling Media Requests with Grace

Empowering you with the right approach, we’ll guide you on how to handle requests from tabloid media carefully. You’ll learn the art of politely declining or involving your trusted agency, safeguarding your market value and preserving exclusivity. We’ll emphasize the importance of aiming for desirability and success, rather than oversharing personal details that can quickly diminish your worth as a model.

Sustaining a Successful Career

Finally, we’ll tackle the allure of casting shows and their promise of quick fame. You’ll gain an understanding of their fleeting nature and the potential pitfalls of media excesses. We’ll celebrate the professionalism and balance exhibited by real models, equipping you to navigate castings and foreign cities with confidence. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your journey as a respected and sought-after model in the world of high-end fashion.